FAQ Subheading

Yes, you are able to build your own courses within the software. The courses can contain text, pictures and video.
Yes, you are able to create your own tests. The tests can contain true/false questions as well as multiple choice questions.
Yes, Netskill will automatically mark the test on completion of the last question.
No, each test is randomly generated from a pool of questions to ensure that each test is unique.
Yes, you can host Netskill on your own network.
Yes, there is a cloud version of the software. So if you would prefer not to host the software yourself then we can host and look after it for you.
Yes, if you want a course to expire after a certain time period you can specify the time period. The student will then need to redo the course to retain the skill.
Yes, each course has a version number. If there is a new version of the course. The student will need to redo the course to retain the qualification.